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Why you need to think during training!

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“Thinking” During Training

It might amaze some people, but to train safely, properly, and intensely, one needs to THINK about so many factors DURING an exercise. When I do pushups, am I letting my hips sag too much? I am packing my scapula into my back pocket on hip hinging movements? Am I bracing my core on bent over rows? Am I FEELING band legs curls in my hamstrings?

I have thoughts like these racing through my mind on EVERY exercise that I perform in the gym, every single day. The next time you are training, do yourself a favor, and consciously think about the fundamental components of proper form for each exercise, WHILE doing them. Think about the targeted muscle groups DURING the set, and activate the mind-muscle connection.

The mind-muscle connection gets a lot of bad rap as “bro science” but   honestly I have always found a ton of benefit in thinking about using the proper musculature during the execution of each movement. Remember, your muscle does not know what a “pushup” is. It knows that there is tension on a muscle, which occurs through a loaded stretch (through a full ROM), and an active contraction at the “top” of each movement.

That is all. So, as you can see, a “pushup” to someone who thinks about NONE of these things, and a “pushup” performed by someone really stretching and squeezing a muscle, will elicit a far different response.Train smart, train intensely, be safe, and consciously THINK while you are in the gym! Your body will thank you!

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