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Support, Community and Celebrating the Metabolic Family

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Every fitness studio would love to claim their members are “Family.”

That doesn’t mean it’s true.

And while I’m sure not every member of Metabolic views their fellow members as family, we’d like to believe the proof is in The ‘Gram:

Friday flexing with the team at Metabolic Green Island.


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Nothing buts Smiles 😁after the 930 class today. Friday Flexing with the team! 💪🏽 #FindYourStrength

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When the gang’s all here at Metabolic Delmar.


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When the gangs all here #metafam #930

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The Strong Girl Squad — “people who inspire and push you to your limit” — at Metabolic Clifton Park.

And Mia’s Birthday Squad at Metabolic Colonie.


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Awesome 5AM class celebrating Mia’s Sweet 16!! Happy Birthday Mia! #MiasBirthdaySquad

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A packed house on a Saturday at Metabolic Saratoga.

Group pics at Metabolic Liverpool, where “people that were once complete strangers have come together to achieve one common goal: to become the best versions of themselves, both mentally and physically.”


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💥 FLASHBACK FRIDAY 💥COMMUNITY is defined as a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Here at Metabolic we are more than just a gym, we are a community. People that were once complete strangers have come together, to achieve one common goal – to become the best versions of themselves, both mentally and physically. They have created friendships with each other that will last a lifetime. That is what makes us so special. Thank you to every single one of our clients who have helped us build this irreplaceable community. You guys are the reason we thrive everyday! #metacuse #metabolictraining #metabolic #mrt #dsol #shreddacuse #metabolicliverpool

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We don’t do it for the ‘gram — though there’s nothing wrong with that! #noshame #nojudgement — but that quick scroll through our local gyms’ Instagram accounts makes it clear what we’re about.

OK, *sometimes* it’s about the muscles and the merch… but mostly it’s about CELEBRATING COMMUNITY.


We find every excuse to squeeze as many people as possible into the frame and cheese it up.

We cheer on our members in the gym and out of the gym.

Many Sundays, instead of taking the day off, we “Sweat for a Cause” together to raise money for local charities. We develop our own traditions (show those birthday burpees some love!) and gather for gym-wide social events.

We’ve even been known to coordinate our wardrobes.

And there’s a reason for all of that. There’s a reason our studios and our members post about community (and family) above all else: COMMUNITY SUSTAINS US.

It’s why we love the process as much as we love the results. It’s why we not only tell new members they’re going to burn fat and build muscle but also become part of the Metabolic Family.

The Metabolic Family

Here’s what we mean by, “The Metabolic Family”:

Our members come together not because of the unlimited classes they bought but because of the feeling they get in THEIR gym.

It’s among the things we’re most proud of — we’ve created something more than a great product; we’ve created a great experience.

Members feel a sense of community, a sense of shared understanding. In Metabolic, often that comes from shared struggle. See?

Metabolic isn’t an easy workout.

It’s not for the sheepish. It’s not for the laggards. It’s not for the unmotivated.

Metabolic is where people with goals come to achieve those goals regardless of where they start. Through the effort of seeking that goal — of finding meaning in the work — we form community.

At each one of our studios, the community is different, but it all forms around shared struggle and respect for what it takes, respect for the motivation, respect for the endurance and the consistency. What we do is hard, and not everyone is willing to show up and do that work.

Family Forms Community

Metabolic Family forms around the idea that community helps us keep that commitment. It’s huge part of why we show up to improve the way we feel about ourselves, to reduce our stress and increase our fitness.

There are plenty of people and things in life that pull us away from the gym and distract us from our health, but in the Metabolic Family, we’re surrounded by people attacking the same goals. Their energy, passion and enthusiasm give us strength. And as part of the #MetaFam, our own strength resonates with everyone around us.

When 48 people are pushing together, working together and struggling together through the same tough workout, the result is community.

The result is friendship and caring. Compassion. Support.

The Rub

Metabolic Clifton Park posted recently that “THIS is what helps build a community. Leaving here sweaty, dirty, emotionally and physically drained, maybe contemplating your life decisions… together. We love and respect every single person who walks through our doors.”

And our #Delmarvelous studio says, “Hard work is nothing when you’re helping others and you have your squad with you.”

Squad, there’s nothing we can’t do.

We’re so grateful.

Yours in strength,

Ryan Hanley

You can learn more about the Metabolic community — and see footage from our Fit By the Fourth group workout in Troy’s Riverfront Park — here.

Ryan Hanley

Ryan Hanley

Ryan Hanley is the CEO at Metabolic, a unique fitness program centered around Metabolic Training, or “strength training at a pace”; the ultimate blend of strength and cardio. Connect with Ryan on Instagram and Twitter for exclusive insights into his Metabolic journey.

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