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Strength, Struggle and Why a Metabolic Studio Works

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I hear it all the time from people who train on their own.

Working out is a grind. They can’t face one more rep. They’re not pushing as hard as they’d like. 

Or even worse: they’re just going through the motions. 

Although I remember those feelings, it’s just not my experience anymore. 

And it’s not how people at Metabolic experience their workouts. 

It’s an exciting place for all of us to be: a place in our lives where we are 100% sure of the formula for getting it done in the gym. Skillfully. Efficiently. And with a sense of belonging. 

We’re in the gym with others who are ready to kill it and get to their goals. Just like we are. Whether we call it our squad or our gym family, Metabolic workouts exist in a powerful space that’s not always available to us in our busy, distracted lives: we do this thing TOGETHER, and we honor what it takes of each of us to get it done. 

So what goes into it? How does it all come together? We lean heavily on our core principles, and each is essential to what we do and why it works.

3 Core Principles of Metabolic

These are three of six core principles that form the bedrock of every Metabolic studio:

1) Strength at a pace

Metabolic Training combines strength training and cardiovascular conditioning into a unique, highly effective, one of a kind workout that improves strength, builds lean muscle, and enhances aerobic capacity.

This means we’re doing exercises with a load to get our heart rates up, and then we have relatively brief rest periods to keep our heart rates are elevated, and enhance our work output in a limited window of time: this means we are burning fat.

But we’re also building strength. You can learn more in our video about strength at a pace.

2) Individualized training

Even though they’re in a group setting, every member of the gym that attends a class feels like they’re getting personalized training. And they are. 

Metabolic trainers know their members’ names. They know any injuries members have and what modifications are needed. 

Our trainers also know what each member’s goals are. They also know the right weights for varying exercises, including when it’s time to push, and they adjust accordingly. 

This provides members a very individual feel… without having to go it alone. They’re in a group setting with all the energy, inspiration and motivation that comes along with that.

This kind of personal training in a group setting is what makes Metabolic different. 

3) Real results

Some of our peers in the market are strapping heart rate monitors and all kinds of technology onto people. 

Even though heart rate is a wonderful way to track some level of performance, it’s really a secondary or a lagging indicator of performance or success in the gym. 

Instead, at Metabolic, everything we do is about feeling better: the way we see ourselves in the mirror, our energy level, our self-esteem, our mental and physical strength. 

When we wake up in the morning, we feel good about what we’re doing. We feel like we’re getting real results, not just chasing a number on a watch as an indicator of if we may or may not have achieved something. 

We come to the gym to feel better, and there’s nothing like giving everything we have to a workout and discovering the full range of what it gives us in return, including strength, drive, health accomplishment and confidence. 

Visit  Real Results | Metabolic Core Value to see why we gauge results and performance by measures that don’t involve fitness trackers.

Shared Struggle

Metabolic offers a very thorough, structured workout, and we’re just as deliberate about the environment we provide. 

What we’re actually doing is building community, and that’s entirely on purpose. We want members to come back to Metabolic over and over and over again. And it works! 

Members feel at home here, which means they don’t feel like they have to go out and find other workouts. 

They come to rely on our trainers, who don’t just push members through a workout (though trust me: they DO PUSH!). They’re doing so much more than that. Our trainers also get to know them and befriend them. 

Members do this with each other, as well. And here’s where our unlimited membership program comes into play: members workout as many times a week as they want. 

Choosing the times and days they come creates a sense of belonging. This is more important than you may think on face value. 

Metabolic workouts are hard. 

When you show up and go through that workout with the same people day in and day out, it creates bonds. It establishes accountability to yourself and responsibility to the people working out with you. 

That’s why everything we do at Metabolic focuses on community.

The support system we build keeps people coming back, establishing the kind of consistency that makes it possible to achieve goals. 

And then set new ones. 

Metabolic trainers won’t let you rest too long. (Or at all, really.) 

I warned you THEY PUSH.

And you love it.

Yours in strength,

Ryan Hanley

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Ryan Hanley

Ryan Hanley

Ryan Hanley is the CEO at Metabolic, a unique fitness program centered around Metabolic Training, or “strength training at a pace”; the ultimate blend of strength and cardio. Connect with Ryan on Instagram and Twitter for exclusive insights into his Metabolic journey.

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