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Should you lift as heavy as you can?

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How heavy should I go when Metabolic Training?

If you are new to Metabolic Training, especially for men, the cardiovascular demand is so high that there will undoubtedly be an adjustment period, as you let your fitness level “catch up” to your strength. For this reason, I don’t like using “traditional” barbell exercises in Metabolic Training programs because too many people have too much experience, and consequently, egos, when it comes to the bench press, squat, deadlift, etc.

When training for time under tension, the goal is NOT to develop max strength levels (though this is a nice side effect); the goal is to strengthen and develop the muscle tissue by maximizing the efficiency of each set performed.

Couple that with very limited rest periods, and the load initially used will be moderate at best. But don’t worry, that will certainly change. If intensity is pushed much beyond what you are capable of in order to continue with the training session, you will get yourself into some trouble, because as a “Metabolic beginner” lacking the aerobic capacity to handle it, the heart rate will elevate to levels that are beyond what your body can handle.

Think of it like a car engine that is “pushed too hard, too fast”. We want to give your body, the ultimate automobile, the ability to safely complete each workout. Overtime, we can definitely improve the “horsepower of your engine”, and you WILL be able to increase training loads used in metabolic sessions in time. This will absolutely ensure quality gains in size, strength, and cardiovascular fitness levels.

So how do you know when to start slowly increasing your loads during a metabolic training session?

Here are some key points to determine when you are ready to step up that good ole’ horsepower: -When you are able to complete each set, under control, with constant tension on the main muscle group, without having to constantly stop and reset. -When you would gauge the overall difficulty of your metabolic workout as NO higher than “7/10”, it is safe to say you are ready to increase the intensity, by increasing the load. -When you are able to start each set on time, without additional rest between sets. -When your facial expression resembles that of someone who is in the middle of a cross country flight.

So, in closing, DO NOT worry if your “fitness level” is not on par with your strength. By safely and methodically increasing your training load over time, when YOU are ready, you will unlock the most effective, efficient strength training program you have ever done: Metabolic Training. What are YOUR thoughts? Let me know down below. Also, leave any other questions you have and want answered!

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