• 8 Week Membership from Jan 6 – Mar 1
  • Free Metabolic Cinch Bag
  • Free Metabolic T-Shirt
  • Free Metabolic Shaker Bottle
  • Free Metabolic Coozie
  • Entered into 4 Giveaways (+$1,000 in prizes)
  • Unlimited Classes
  • Facebook Accountability Group


  • 8 Week Macro Coaching from Jan 6 – Mar 1
  • Free Metabolic Cinch Bag
  • Free Metabolic T-Shirt
  • Free Metabolic Shaker Bottle
  • Free Metabolic Coozie
  • Entered into 4 Giveaways (+$1,000 in prizes)
  • Daily Accountability
  • Facebook Accountability
Please read for all the details on the challenge!


1) How much does it cost to participate?

For both current and new clients it will cost $189 to join the 8-Week Challenge.  This is a savings for both the macro coaching AND the 8 week membership! With this price you will receive all of the items listed above.

If you signed up and want to start coming to the gym NOW until the Challenge begins you can join as an Early Bird for $25! Please email challenge@trainmetabolic.com if you are interested!

2) When does it start?

The 8-week challenge starts on Monday January 6th through March 1st. If you choose to join the challenge after the start date of January 6th you will still be charged $189 and will be able to finish out the remaining term of the challenge (no extensions, pro-rates or refunds).

3) What do I need to do to join?

Click the link above (please choose if you are a new or current client) and follow the instructions. Everyone who joins the challenge will be entered into the giveaways. LAST DAY TO SIGN UP IS JANUARY 4th!

4) Do I need to submit before and after pictures to do the challenge?

Nope! Pictures are not required but it is highly recommended that you do them for yourself to see your results. You can still be a part of the challenge and giveaways without submitting photos.

5) What is required of me during the challenge?

We recommend you workout at least 3x a week to see the best results and/or to follow the guidelines provided to you by your macro coach.

6) How will I know if I won the giveaways?

Every two weeks will do a random drawing of the prize winner which will be announced on both our Metabolic Instagram and Facebook pages. If you do not have social media we will reach out to you via email to inform you that you won!

7) What if I am already in the middle of a macro coaching package?

You can still join the challenge and start a new 8-week macro package on January 6th. You will not be refunded or given a pro-rate of the remaining weeks of your previously purchased package. Please email macrocoaching@trainmetabolic.com if this is the case.

8) How do I get my free stuff?

Your gym location will have all of the items that are included. You will receive an email that shows that you have paid and entered the challenge. YOU MUST SHOW THIS EMAIL TO YOUR TRAINER IN ORDER TO RECEIVE YOUR ITEMS so please don’t delete it! Also, t-shirt sizes are limited and on a first come first serve basis.

9) I am a new client and want to do the 8-week membership and the 8-weeks of macros. Can I do that?

Yes! You just have to buy 2 packages at $189. You can click the NEW CLIENT purchase link and then click the CURRENT CLICK purchase link to purchase both. (This is still a savings from the original macro-coaching package so you are saving on both!)

10) What if I have any questions during the challenge?

Please email challenge@trainmetabolic.com

11) What happens after the challenge?

If you are in the 8-week membership you will have the opportunity to sign up for a membership. Please see a trainer to get your set up! If you are in the 8-week macro package you will be auto-renewed into the 4 weeks at $94.50 of macros. You will be able to keep this price as long as you continue after the challenge but once you stop you will lose the discounted rate. If you do not want to continue after the 8-weeks please email macrcocoaching@trainmetabolic.com 7 days prior to March 1st.



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