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Perspective is a funny thing.

As humans, we are seemingly the only animals on the planet that can reach stricken levels of panic at the most absurd times. Many of us are not capable of watching a sporting event, can’t handle disruption to our daily routine, let things like the myriad of dietary choices we have available to us stress us out, let our body image dictate our happiness and quite frankly, lose site of any all perspective.

Look at the squirrels outside.

Do you think they are stressed about which squirrel won the acorn gathering contest, which squirrel’s belly pokes out more, or which squirrel is late to the tree? Of course not! They are too busy worrying about, you know, being EATEN by something.

Everyday on this earth is a blessing, and sometimes we ALL need that reality check. Take a deep breath, let the sun hit your face, the wind run over your body, and remember, how lucky you are…because you aren’t a damn squirrel!

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