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Interior vs. Exterior

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Interior Vs. Exterior:

We all place an enormous emphasis on what training does to our EXTERIOR, but do we place an equal emphasis on what it does to our INTERIOR? I hear a lot of talk from other fitness professionals about adrenal fatigue, over training, “getting out of the gym”, etc, and while I am certainly sensitive to biofeedback that is signaling health related issues, I do not think these fitness professionals always completely understand the totality of the gym experience.

Even if you were to tell me that training just twice a week would produce bigger biceps, stronger legs, or a ripped 6 pack (I know, I know, these are made in the kitchen with macros :-)), I STILL would train 5-6 days a week, because of what it does for my MIND.

Metabolic Training produces a unique endorphin rush, unlike any other type of workout I have experienced. Maybe because of its intensity, it is a “survival” reaction, maybe it is something physiological who knows, all I know is the post workout “high” from Metabolic Training is a real thing, and I absolutely love it. I

look forward to it each and everyday. It is my therapy, my escape, the only 45 minutes of my day where my mind is completely and entirely focused on the task at hand.

If you are chronically sore, fatigued, lose your appetite, or have NO motivation to go to the gym, by all means, listen to your body and take a day or 2 off! However if you feel great, and the gym is your 3rd “place” is life, then keep on going! The balance of physical “gains” and mental health is one that only you can dictate or determine. Just please keep in mind, that in this fitness game, the interior is every bit as important as the exterior!

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