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Find your comfort zone!

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comfort zone

One of my favorite phrases to use with my clients is “there are no results in the comfort zone.”

It is simple, direct, and brutally honest. Think about virtually ANY physical activity you want to undertake. Do you want to run a faster 5k?

Well, in training you are most CERTAINLY going to be uncomfortable. Do you want to build muscle and gain strength? Yes, both of those areas will require both dedication and discomfort as well. Do you want to lose body fat?

You are going to have to live on the uncomfortable spectrum of “tolerable hunger”, which, quite frankly, is an area that few like existing in. Starting a new job, entering a new relationship, moving to a new city, or becoming truly GREAT at something all require an extreme effort, a ton of consistency, and a relentless willingness to live OUTSIDE of your comfort zone.

There are no results in the comfort zone, so in fitness, as in life, you better get comfortable being uncomfortable!

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