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Consistency is Key!

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Consistency is Key!

We have all heard this before.

Consistency is key. And even though it is a phrase that gets thrown around for multiple scenarios, it is also one that AS TRUE AS IT IS, it isn’t what many live by. Inconsistency has become the “norm” when it comes to schedules, plans, traditions, etc. It is something that is in dire need of making a comeback. 

If you were to Google the definition of consistency, this is what will be generated:

“Conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness”

Basically, the definition itself points out that consistency is NECESSARY for our own sanity and for making strides towards our personal goals and making  improvements. This is mostly associated with consistency towards fitness goals (and for good reason). It would be fair to say that a vast majority of the human population has a consistent work schedule, but everything else is random (and quite possibly few and far between): that includes their workouts. 

An inconsistent workout routine could be detrimental to the results you are striving to achieve. It is true that every day and every workout matters and will make a difference, so if it is hard for you to make time multiple times a week, once or twice a week is a great place to start. You could always build up your routine!

By making it as consistent as hair wash day (ladies you understand this), you will see improvements in strength, endurance, and mobility. That will translate to NUMEROUS other benefits outside of the gym. Want more energy? Want to feel less stressed? Want to eat better? Want to feel like part of a community? Want to get quality sleep daily? All of those things are achieved by building a consistent workout routine.

Here are some tips to build that consistent workout routine:

  1. Schedule your workouts like a doctors appointment. It is very unlikely you would cancel a doctors appointment so having that mentality will cause you to follow through with the routine you set. A few great tips would be to schedule the workouts in to your phone and set a reminder or alert for an hour before your workout. That way you get a notification on your phone that it is time!
  2. Preplan your week ahead. Do you know you have a work function on Friday night causing you to miss a normal workout in your routine? Plan to reschedule that workout before the day comes. It works best when you can see your whole week laid out so that you can make adjustments early on.
  3. Commit with a buddy. Knowing that someone is counting on you to be there WITH them will help you both build a consistent routine. Talk to your fellow fitness enthusiasts, or family and friends, and set up times for you to workout together. It doesn’t just help you, it helps THEM. It also makes the workout MORE FUN.
  4. Decide if you will do your workouts in the AM or PM. If you KNOW you are NOT a morning person, set yourself up for success by scheduling your workouts in the evenings. HOWEVER- if you know morning workouts are better for your schedule and mentality then it is worth it to build that habit over time. Set a few alarms, pick out your outfit the night before, tell someone you will be there.. all of those things should help you build that habit!
  5. Find a workout you enjoy doing. It shouldn’t be a chore, but rather something you look forward to doing. There are a TON of fitness options out there, but group classes tend to have a HUGE success rate due to the fact that it is a motivating setting, it is FUN, and it encourages social interaction. It also is relieving to know that the workouts are made FOR you so you don’t have to put something together yourself. 
  6. Limit the excuses for skipping a day. It is MUCH harder to start over after falling off track than it is to battle through the excuses to stay consistent throughout life’s events. Some COMMON excuses that may talk you out of your workout include: tired, long day at work, stuffy nose (you CAN workout through some congestion), no time, kids, “not feeling it,” it’s pointless, and injury (certain injuries that are partially limiting). All of these things should be acknowledged head on. Just to dive in to a few of those: If you workout, you will be LESS tired; It may have been a long day at work but waking up ONE hour earlier or staying up one hour later is minimal; You CAN workout if you have a head cold (as long as your symptoms are neck up and you are able to breathe) and could actually SHORTEN your cold; Kids are definitely a HUGE part of our lives and a huge responsibility, but it is setting the example for them to live a fit and active lifestyle for their physical and mental health; NO workout is pointless…etc. Every one of these excuses is just a delay and unnecessary obstacle to battle to keep to the grind.

So get those calendars now and plan out your workout schedule. Your future self will thank you!

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