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Metabolic is quickly expanding and seeking qualified candidates for employment in Syracuse, NY and Rochester, NY. Learn more about the positions and submit an application below. Want to hear from a current coach at one of our studios? Watch the video!

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Becoming a Metabolic Fitness Coach is an incredibly rewarding opportunity to not possess a job that you like, but rather, pursue a career that you love. Through the delivery of Metabolic Training, you will help hundreds of people lead a healthier lifestyle, while working a schedule, and receiving a compensation package that is unparalleled in the fitness industry. We are currently seeking coaches in the Syracuse, NY, and Rochester, NY areas to apply for the position of Studio Manager/Head Fitness Coach to both run, and serve as the Head Coach of the new location.

As a Metabolic Fitness Coach, you have the opportunity to pursue an extremely fulfilling career that allows you to capitalize on your love of fitness to help other people lead a healthier lifestyle on a daily basis. You are not only a coach that helps people gain strength,  build muscle, improve cardiovascular conditioning, and overall health, but you are the centerpiece of a formidable community where like minded people, from all walks of life, come together for one simple reason: self improvement. 

Our company was founded by Matt Phelps, who has served as a strength and conditioning coach, a personal trainer, and a group training coach over the course of his career. As an individual who has spent years in the fitness industry, he knows what it feels like to work both early mornings and late nights every single day, being afraid to seek medical attention because he did not have insurance, not taking time off for personal vacations for fear of not getting paid, to work on days when he was sick and needed rest, or spend Holidays at work, away from his family. Once he started Metabolic, he knew that here, through this company, he had the opportunity to provide the coaches here with what nobody else could: a viable career in fitness.

At Metabolic, our coaches are extremely well compensated, are eligible for health benefits, receive sick days, vacation days, and have a clearly defined career path that they can embark on as they gain experience in the industry. Our coaches revel in their role as community leaders, and quickly get to know their members, becoming both a life changing mentor and friend to hundreds of people that come to Metabolic to not only make gains in physical prowess, but mental strength as well.

It is extremely important that all of our coaches fully embrace the philosophy of Metabolic Training as their own core system of training. Essentially, Metabolic Training can be defined as “strength training at a pace”, and it is through this efficient, effective full body style of training that not only our thousands of clients, but our coaches as well, are able to build muscle, burn fat, improve aerobic capacity, and experience the mental empowerment that Metabolic Training provides. 

Our coaches are expected to participate in classes with the clients 4-5x/week, as participation not only bonds the client to the coach, but also further accredits the methodology used in the workouts by providing all of our coaches with all of the same amazing benefits. We want our coaches to empathize with our clientele, and FEEL what they are feeling, each and every single day, as this practice leads to much more effective coaching. Passion breeds results, and it is the passion that our coaches possess about our programming that truly separates us from the pack.

Please forward a resume, references, social media profiles, along with a paragraph about why you should be considered for this amazing opportunity. 


-Implement the Metabolic Training workout for each specific day to large group training sessions, averaging 24 clients/session

-Serve as a passionate, caring coach that “leads from the front” each and every day in the studio by serving as the exemplary ideal of what a Metabolic coach should be

-Develop, foster, and cultivate a fitness community that becomes the “3rd place”

-Hold daily staff meetings to review template of the day, proper exercise technique, exercise modifications, etc

-Train new employees on how to become an effective Metabolic Coach on the floor, teach them the software systems, sales process, social media posting

-Handle and delegate cleaning, social media responsibilities

-Participate in bi-weekly regional Zoom meetings with corporate to discuss core issues in the studios

-Become extremely proficient in the sales process, and effectively convert new leads into clients


-Experience in the Fitness Industry

-Certification through ACE, NASM, or NSCA

-Bachelor’s Degree is Preferred 

-CPR/AED certification

-Social Media proficiency 

-An immense passion for fitness, helping others reach their goals

-An extremely strong work ethic, not afraid to cover shifts, work outside of scheduled hours

-A true team player, with an ability to communicate effectively, and ”lead from the front”

This job will require you to pass a background check, as well as an interview where part of the interview is being coached through a Metabolic Training session.

Salary: $50,000-$90,000/Year

Benefits: Paid Time Off, Health Insurance

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